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Levi States Account on the Battle Against Same-Sex Marriage April 10, 2009

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             Today was a very interesting day for Republicans and Democrats alike. Many from both sides of the aisle came in colossal numbers to the state capitol today to show their concern on the subject of that potentially will allow same-sex marriage in Iowa!  I (Levi State) went with very strong feeling and high hopes of turning Iowa back on course, along with a few other 700 people! Some came today striving to have the House let the people of the land vote on the subject of the marriage amendment; while others came to support the decision made on April 3rd, which was that the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld the District Court’s ruling holding that there was no important governmental interest in denying citizens marriage licenses based on their sexual orientation. Licenses were originally to be available 21 days after the ruling, on April 24, but the date has been pushed back to April 27. So as you can imagine there were mixed thoughts and feelings!


              We started the day with the House Speaker stating that this whole display was out of order meaning the representatives couldn’t bring the bill up because the House rules that were already in order, meaning that this was considered “old” news and therefore had no weight or reason for being on the agenda. As a result the two parties went and caucused for a total of three hours. They were basically voting on whether they should be debating on the subject of same-sex marriage. After three long hours the two parties came in and the Speaker of the House stated that no, they will not allow the floor to be open for debate on the “already” closed subject, of same-sex marriage. This initiates an uncontrollable din from the republicans, who start to shout out against their representatives saying “LET US VOTE, LET US VOTE…” The State troopers came in and had to clam down the people after about 20-30minutes a majority of the people left. I stayed however. I stayed to see if anything else would be said.

I’m happy that I did, because at around 3:00 pm the floor was open to the processing of new bills. One bill in particular came out on to the floor, about human services, and that was all it took for Representative Christopher Rants to get up and use this as a platform to bring up the subject of same-sex marriage. He stated the following,

 “Let me remind all of us that this House is not here to represent just the small fractions of America, nor is it here to represent an individual’s goal and dream, no rather we are all here to represent the people. For this government is of the people, by the people and for the people. We need to remember the checks and balances that we are immovable to, and try not to supersede them! We need to be men and women of veracity! It is this body’s responsibility to express the will of the people. If the will of the people is to have same-sex marriage than that is what we are to represent, however that must not be the case, or else we would not have had so many passionate protesters this morning. If it is indisputably the will of the people to NOT have same-sex marriage then it is our responsibility to represent their voice, even if it contradicts our own thoughts and feelings.

The day ended with the House speaker stating that this was off the subject of the social services bill and therefore it would not be spoken of until another meeting. So if you are one that feels strongly about this issue, make sure that you let your representatives know! Get loud! Get known! Let’s get things done!! (Remember if you live in Oskaloosa that Rep. Palmer and Sen. Reilly are at Smokey row with eggs and issues on Saturday mornings!)


-Levi State, Executive Director



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