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600+ Iowa Taxpayers Kicked Out of Public Forum at the House Chambers by Representative Murphy (D) April 1, 2009

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Last night over 600 Iowans from all ages and backgrounds came out to voice their opposition to the elimination of the Federal Deductibility in Iowa.  The issue is as simple as this, if the deductibility is eliminated Iowans will be taxed on top of another tax.  In short, the Democrats in the House are looking for a way to generate millions of dollars after wasteful spending in the past two years.

Dozens of Iowans signed up for a chance to speak at the PUBLIC forum and the response was amazing!  Applause could be heard for a few seconds after each speaker stated their distaste for the bill and the Chair of the PUBLIC hearing asked the crowd to stop “demonstrating” (many of us are still trying fathom the thought that clapping is a demonstration).   However, after Iowa College Republican State Chair Greg Baker had his chance to speak the PUBLIC could not hold back and for good reason.  Chairman Baker said everything that nearly every Iowan in the House Chamber had been thinking for years about the Democrats in this state.  Check out the video of Greg’s speech:

Soon after House Majority Leader Pat Murphy made a political blunder that will benefit Republicans in this state for years to come:

Yes you saw correctly!  Rep. Murphy (D) kicked the PUBLIC out of a once PUBLIC forum.  Murphy’s display of disrespect to taxpayers in Iowa who pay for his salary, who pay for the government, and who pay for the Iowa House Chamber was a sign of the true colors within the majority.

Rep. Murphy (D) did exactly what many had hoped he would do, he kicked the people out of the peoples House!  Let’s face it, the Democrats walked into this mess! 

We were proud to be apart of this historic turning point and would like to thank all the Iowans that supported this important cause last night.

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1. nealsonsexton09 - April 1, 2009

Great job WPU!

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